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Treks in Ladakh
Stok - Hemis Trek by
        the Markha Valley
Padum - Lamayuru
Rangdum - khalse by
          the Kanji-la Trek
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About Leh Ladakh
Lamayuru - Stok Trek
Darsa - Padum by the
            Shinkun-la Trek
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Leh Ladakh Treks, Adventurous Tour Package Ladakh
Tourist Places in Manali, Places In and Around Manali, Manali to Leh Trek
padum - lamayuru trek ladakh, leh trek, padum lamayuru trekking tour
(10 days / 9 Nights)
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It is perhaps the hardest route because of the great number fo ups and downs. It is possible to find food easily at each stop. There is no longer any difficulty in river crosing. The best period is from the mid-June to October.

Day 1

Padum - Karsha (3-4 hours)
From Padum, head towards Pipiting, than a dusty plain towards the Doda river. A new bridge built across the Doda, then climb towards Karsha. Their is a hotel at the entrance of the village. Beautifull Gelupa monastery dates from the XVth century.

Day 2

Karsha - Pishu (5 hours)
Easy strech on the often hot and dusty bank of the Zanskar river. Above Rinam, small stream and shelter formed by the rocks. Before Pishu, make a little detour to see the longer hanging bridge over Zanskar (55m). It leads to Zangla (from Zangla, a trail goes to Padum via Tsazar and Thongde). Attractive campsite below the vilage of Pishu.

Day 3

Pishu - Hanumil (5 hours)
Continue left bank. Easy going sometimes along the river, sometimes across the morainic plateau. A bridge before Pidmo, then another 2 hours untill Hanumil.

Day 4

Hanumil - Parfi-la - Snertse (3-4 hours)
Still a good and easy path. 3/4 hours before beyond Hanumil, small stream on the left. Take on Supply of water. The path leads away from the edge of the Zanskar, up to the plateau, then to the foot of the pass. Steep and Difficult climb for the animal as far as the Parfi-la (3900m, 4 hours). Rather steep descent untill reaching the Oma-Chu river. A 500m sanyd sloop with wounderful lookout. Then among the slope as far as the sheepfolds of Snertse (tent-restaurant).

Day 5

Snertse - Hanuma-la - Lingshed (7 hours)
Long gradual ascent towards the Hanuma-la. Through gorges first then easier. After 2 hours, pass a sheepfold (sometimes milk for sale). A further 2:30 hours to reach the summit of the Hanuma-la(4700m). A 1000m steep descent, then a 300m, climb along the mountainside. From this small pass, easy descent towards Lingshed (about 3800m). Campsite near the monastery(Gelupa).

Day 6

Lingshed - foot of the Sengge-la (6 hours)
Easy climb of 3/4 to 1 hour up to the Murgum-la (4100m). Continue climbing, pass an escarpment then go along the slope. Wonderful landscape, view of the valley of Nierag, on the other bank of the Zanskar. Gentle descent towards the villages of Gongma (3840m) and Skiumpata. Then very steep climb as far as the Kiupa-la (3850m). Then climb gradually along the mountainside up to the foot of Sengge-la.

Day 7

Foot of the Sengge-la - Sengge-la - Photoksar (7 hours)
Rather Steep climb to the Sengge-la taking from 1:30 hours (5000m), then a short slope leads into a broad valley. Easy going (one ford) then gentle climb towards the Bumiktse-la (4200m). Descent towards Photoksar (3750m), Splendid village at the base of huge mountain walls. Abandoned gompa 20 minutes away above the village.

Day 8

Photoksar - Sirsir-la - Hanupatta (6 hours)
From the village, gentle climb uo to a large chorten (1hour), then long ascent of the Sirsir-la. The last third is streep, Pass is Situated at 4800m. Easy descent to the river. Cross on to the left bank. From there a path leads up to the Sinugutse-la (5000m) reaching Shilla and Lamayuru without going through Hanupatta, many easy fords (3days). Then long descent into a stone valley. Their is a short distance before the village Hanupatta.

Day 9

Hanupatta - Wanla (5 hours)
From Hanupatta, continue across the slope untill entering the gorges. A new path cut into the rocks avoids the difficult fords. At the Junction on the rivers, Chorten and religious banners on the flat. Pass a ridge, then go down untill reaching a bridge across the yapola. Then some easy , some difficult streches (fallen rocks) untill Phenjilla (3 hours). A little beyond the village, cross again onto the left bank. Then on a flat to Wanla. Beautiful gompa.

Day 10

Wanla - Lamayuru (3 hours)
Go to the Shillakong along the right bank, cross it the arrive in Shilla. Pass the village go to a broad chorten then follow a narrow and dry gorge as far as the Prinkiti-la (3726m). Easy descent, then an ecarpment. Cross the river and go towards the village of Lamayuru.

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